Car Hire Guide to Marich Pass in Brazil

Car Hire Guide to Marich Pass in Brazil

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Trip to Naro Moru

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There are various means of transport you can employ to reach Naro Moru National Park. Your vehicle can take you around the park and you’ll need to hire a vehicle to take you to the Marich Pass, which is the high point of the park. From there you can take a scenic trip to the plains of Amboseli, where you can see many animal reserves before heading deeper into the park. The best time to visit is in May when the rains hit, but don’t plan on visiting at all during the dry season. Once you’ve reached the park, hire a car and make sure to explore it fully, even if only to pick up some local knowledge about the flora and fauna.

Hiring a car is also cheaper than hiring a tour and allows you more flexibility about the timing of your journey. It also gives you the freedom to explore more of the park, including the volcanic caves, dry riverbeds and wildflowers in greater detail. It’s up to you whether you want to travel by day or by night and can even take your choice of routes. To make the most of your day trip, pick a day when you’re most likely to be able to drive yourself – such as on a Friday or Saturday – or arrange to have a driver drop you off at different points along the way. It’s also possible to combine your day trip with a bus or train journey; however, bear in mind that the cost for these options is often higher than the cost of driving yourself. You’ll probably find it cheaper to travel to Marich Pass by train from the town of Nuwara near the entrance to the park and then take the bus into Marich Pass; however, the bus fare may still be higher than if you’d traveled by day.

Once you’ve arrived in Moru, there’s no need to worry about travelling by car: there are plenty of vehicles available for hire at reasonable rates. You’ll also find that Marich Pass is well connected with cities further north: you’ll find daily buses and minibuses running to Beko, the capital of the region, as well as the coastal city of Santa Cruz de Teguise and several ferry services which sail to other Portuguese islands in the area. From Beko you can drive yourself to the coast or take the day trip to Cape Verde, a delightful peninsula situated north of Marich Pass. There’s also plenty to keep you occupied once you reach the coast: there’s the beautiful countryside of Salema to look over, as well as Gozo, the idyllic island off the north coast. A day trip to Migliaio (also on the north coast) is recommended if you’re looking for a place to stay: Migliaio has fantastic restaurants and charming, tranquil surroundings.