Cheap Flights to Kenya – Discover the True Meaning of Family Time

Trip to Baragoi is an exciting and fascinating tourist attraction that is not to be missed. This place is the main hub of Kenya’s pastoralist communities, Muslims, and Indian immigrants that reside pinata or the coastal belt surrounding Baragoi town. It was here that the legendary Captain Cook first made an impact on his mind when he landed in Kenya on his voyage of discovery. The coast of Kenya is strewn with numerous historic sites that attract tourists from all over the globe. Among these, visit to Baragoi town is must for any travel across Kenya. The peace and calmness of this coastal city, rich in cultural heritage and tradition, is an excellent getaway during any short break in Kenya.

The city of Baragoi is home to many interesting sights, like Dutch colonial mansions and other historical buildings, as well as the world-renowned ‘Al Hamra’, or the largest holy place in Kenya. The Baragoi coast has several beautiful beaches, ideal for water sports, safaris, and beach parties. For those, who wish to experience the culinary delights of Kenya, there are numerous restaurants and eateries in Baragoi that serve tasty dishes from all around the Indian subcontinent. The best way to get around the city of Baragoi is by car rental, especially when you are coming from Nairobi or other major cities in Kenya.

When you plan a holiday in Kenya, one of the most important places to visit is the town of Mombasa, which lies approximately 40km from Baragoi. It is here that you will witness the true meaning of Kenya tourism as you witness the contrasting landscape and cultures of the Indian and the Dutch cultures. You will also come across contrasting cultures, such as Indian and Dutch, Moroccan, and Samburu cultures. Turkana communities are also situated in close proximity to the coast, and this gives you an opportunity to witness the social interaction and witness the true meaning of inter-generational cooperation during holidays in Kenya.

When you visit Mombasa, one of the things that you should do is to visit the Kenyan coast and visit the Indian Ocean beach town of Mombasa. You should take a walk towards the Indian Ocean beach and after walking, you should visit the Turko-Sulaiman Camp, where you will witness the true essence of peace. This is the biggest camp for the inter-collegiate group of Samburu and Turkana communities and the inter-generational harmony that prevail here can only be witnessed by a peaceful visit to this particular camp. In fact, during your stay here, you will also have the chance to visit different schools, churches, Mosques, and a military cemetery.

When you travel through Mombasa towards Baragoi, you will encounter another large number of tourists who are there to explore the beaches and the marine life. There are two major tourist centers in this place; the town of Mombasa and the village of Baragoi. While visiting Mombasa, you should take a drive towards the Indian Ocean and from there you should go towards the Baragoi hill town. The beauty of Baragoi is well reflected in its Naconda Beach.

When you are on your way back from Baragoi, you should take a taxi or a bus fare to Nairobi. You will find Nairobi quite amazing because it is the commercial capital of Kenya. Nairobi has many hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and banks, all offering cheap flights to Kenya. These cheap flights to Nairobi will help you reach Mombasa and enable you to spend more time with your family and friends and visit some of the places popular in Kenya like Mombasa, Maasai Mara, Kilifi and Okavango.