A Day Trip to Khujand and Its Historic Hotels

A Day Trip to Khujand and Its Historic Hotels

Trip to Khujand

A Day Trip to Khujand and Its Historic Hotels

The beautiful Tajikistan is a prominent destination in South Asia, with a rich cultural heritage. When planning a Trip to Khujand, the first thing to note is the lack of an accessible international airport. This is mainly due to the fact that Tajikistan does not have an international air traffic control centre and the major airports in Tajikistan are located in Morkassy and Shymkent.

Tajikistan, being a former Soviet state, has a long and mixed history. In addition to that, the country has a diverse culture. Tajikistan’s capital, Tashkent, is home to many world class historic sites. Such places include the City of Silkworms, the largest city in Tajikistan. A trip to Khujand allows tourists to enjoy the beautiful sights of the scenic and mountains and experience the rich history that occurs en route.

A trip to Khujand is incomplete without visiting the Soviet era cities of Arkhangai, Shekh Zuen and Magadansh. These cities were key centres for collectivising the textile production of the Soviet era in Tajikistan. A visit to these cities will take you to the time when workers from all over the world travelled by train to reach employment in Tajikistan’s cotton industry. The trip will also take you to the modern towns of Shymkent and Morkuta.

After a short stay in Shymkent, a tourist can proceed on to Morkuta, which is the second largest town in Tajikistan after Shymkent. Morkuta offers a glimpse into the nomadic culture of the Tajik people who still follow nomadic ways of life by herding cattle, farming cotton, yurts and rearing sheep. A khujand city tour of central Asia is incomplete without a visit to the huts (or Tukshirts) where the women gather to live their daily life.

If a Khujand city tour is what you are looking for, a trip to Uzbekistan will offer you a chance to experience the authentic Tajiks. Although Tajikistan has become an independent country, many of its people still speak Tajiks along with a few words of Uzbek. The experience of touring around in a group of Tajiks, known as “tajika”, is an unforgettable one. The journey of touring around the countryside, taking in the beauty of the land, the sounds of the serenity of the deep forests, winding roads and the fragrance of the fresh air will rejuvenate your spirit. You can return to Shymkent and take a trip to U Uzbekistan from there.

When it comes to the capital of Uzbekistan, Uruzgan, you won’t want to miss out on a day trip to the Pamir Mountains. Pamir is the highest mountain in central Asia and it’s also the highest peak in all of Central Asia. It’s easy to reach through a network of trails which start in the southern Pamir Mountains and wind their way up to the foothills of the Pamir River Valley. After enjoying the sights and sounds of the Pamir Mountains, you can continue on to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, a short drive away. A day trip to Samara from Tashkent is also an interesting and nostalgic way to end your trip to central Asia, Tajikistan.