Hiking Tips – The Great Outdoors

Hiking Tips – The Great Outdoors

Trip to Omorphita

Hiking Tips – The Great Outdoors

When it comes to great holiday destinations, few places can compare with the wonderful ancient attractions of Cyprus. With some of the most amazing landscapes and sites around, Cyprus is one of the most popular European destinations. There are many different historical sites to visit, all with a fascinating story behind them. One such landmark of Cyprus is the world famous “Melles.” The “Melles,” which are a series of rock formations, were formed when layers of volcanic ash poured down from the volcanoes and were later left behind in their dry form.

The beauty and the serenity of the “Melles” are unspoiled by human interference. In fact, the area was left untouched by humans for centuries, allowing nature to take its course. The entire land has been completely reshaped only very recently in order to provide the tourist with an easier time visiting the volcanic areas. In addition to the “Melles,” there are several other natural attractions in Cyprus like “Kerkeion,” “Cirkailos,” and “Zurana.” All of these locations are unique and offer visitors a great deal of scope and adventure.

“Kerkeion” is located in southern Cyprus and is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is the land of the “Cerdaea.” It is also called the Garden of Eden. This is a beautiful mountain located on the west side of the island of Cyprus and is home to many scenic trails. The entire mountain has a vegetation surrounding it that is unlike any other place in the world. The vegetation is so thick that you can see green trees from the trail you are walking through, and that is what adds to the “view” factor.

“Cirkailos” is another landmark in Cyprus. It is a mountain range which is believed to have been the original home of the archipelago of Cyprus. It is also known as “The Pass of the Cure.” This mountains is an extremely popular hiking location. There are several great camping spots located within a short distance from the trail head for “Cirkailos.”

“Zurana” is a wonderful site for hikers and mountain climbers. It was chosen as the site of the first trekking trail in Cyprus. This is a great trekking area because of its unique landscape and many ancient monuments. One of the best parts of the trekking site is the fact that it is in close proximity to the village of Morphita.

When you decide to go on your trip to O Morphita, one of the things you will want to do is participate in the many activities that are available at the site. It is a great site for all levels of individuals and families. If you take the time to explore this wonderful land mark, you will quickly realize that it is more than just a hike around the mountains. There are many other things to do in this wonderful location aside from the hiking trails. You can spend the day traveling through the different villages and lands, or you can just take a day trip to the sea and watch the lovely sun set over the Mediterranean Sea. Whatever you choose to do on your vacation, you will enjoy every minute of it!