Where to Stay While on a Trip to Zygvegal – Cyprus

Where to Stay While on a Trip to Zygvegal – Cyprus

Trip to Zygi

Where to Stay While on a Trip to Zygvegal – Cyprus

If you plan a vacation in Cyprus, you must surely take a trip to Zygi. A popular beach resort in Limassol, Zygi is also referred to as Sunshine Coast. The most important aspect of any holiday to Cyprus should be accommodation arrangements. In fact, there are many excellent hotels in Cyprus that offer great value for money. There are several budget resorts, self catering Cyprus apartments, and luxury Cyprus hotels.

One of the best hotels in Cyprus that is both cheap and comfortable is the Holiday Inn Grand Bay. This hotel is situated close to the coast and is conveniently placed near the popular beach resorts of Beyroupe and Oktana. The hotel offers all the facilities required for a good relaxing vacation right on the beach. It has one of the best restaurants in Cyprus, which serve international and local dishes, and a bar and lounge where one can enjoy a glass of wine after a day at the beach.

The Plaka Resort is another fine accommodation option when on a trip to Zyg. It is one of the best beach resorts on Cyprus and is situated nearby to Beyroupe and Oktana. It has two restaurants, an indoor pool, a gym, and a spa. It is a relatively quiet place, so it won’t disturb your travelling partners as much as other secluded spots. The cost of the trip to Zyg is around 45 Euros per person, per night.

Another reasonably priced accommodation option while on a trip to Zyg is the Holiday Inn La Pesa. This beach hotel is just a few kilometres from the Beaches. It has two rooms that are clean and well maintained. The hotel offers continental and local cuisine, as well as excellent beach and sea food that is freshly prepared by the staff. The cost of the trip to Zyg is around 60 Euros per person. The swimming pool is not too crowded and there is a variety of activities available round the clock.

If you wish to explore the Beaches of Cyprus, then you can also take your accommodation to either Psalidi Beach or Famagusta Beach. Both of these popular beaches have white sand and crystal clear water. The water sports on both of these beaches are outstanding, and there are also several parasailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and banana boat rides available. Both Psalidi and Famagusta are within fifteen minutes of each other and are very close to all the main tourist hot spots such as the Beaches, bars, restaurants and shopping centres.

When looking for accommodation options when on a trip to Zyg, it would be worthwhile to check out the possibility of having a room at one of the hotel’s hotels. These are generally located on the beach itself. The hotels will normally offer air conditioning as well as cable TV, and they cater for groups of people who are staying in groups of ten or more. In addition, one of these hotels will normally have its own bar and facilities for swimming and exercise.